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Catering Tips in a Recession

February 20, 2009

ordercorner food delivery

Our catering experts know how to stretch a budget. We do it day in and day out. As promised, here are some more of our money saving catering tips.

Money Saving Catering Tip No. 1

 Trays are generally very economical. A tray that serves say 20-25 may in fact serve 30 people.

Money Saving Catering Tip No. 2

Save money with drinks. Order 2 liter bottles of soda or gallons of tea rather than individual cans/bottles.

If you are working to a tight budget and don’t know how you are going to provide food on that budget, then let us do it for you. Simply give us a call  on 1 866 926 7637 and talk to one of our catering experts who will help you. Or complete  our catering order form online at Also check out our blog entry on January 21st 2009 for another money saving catering tip, and stay tuned for more to come. If you have any money catering saving tips that have worked for you, why not share them with us and all our readers.

Your OrderCorner Team Helping You Stretch Your Budget




Helping You With Food Delivery During The Recession

January 21, 2009

ordercorner food delivery

Let OrderCorner Help You Manage Through The Recession


As we all know too well these are very difficult economic times. OrderCorner is committed to helping our clients manage their food needs and budgets. How are we doing this?


1.      Together with our great restaurant partners we are developing lower priced menu items and packages that will help stretch your budget. Stay tuned for specific details. In the meantime don’t hesitate to share your recommendations.


2.      We offer a free concierge service. So if you are shorthanded due to layoffs or illness or any other reason, just give us a call on 1 866 926 7637 or complete our catering order form online ( enter your zip code and press browse on Tell us your budget and any other preferences and our catering experts will get to work on your behalf! It’s that easy.


3.      Our catering experts know how to stretch a budget and we are willing to share these tips with you. Look for future posts which will feature money saving tips. Just to wet your appetite here’s one:


Money Saving Catering Tip


Know the portion sizes of your selected caterer and the appetite of your audience. Often times, you can save by reducing the number of portions ordered of say a side salad. For example if you have 25 people attending an event, order a sandwich platter for 25 but only order 15 of a buffet style side salad.


So to check out money saving specials or to use our resources rather than yours, just go to or call 1 866 926 7637.


Here’s to getting through these difficult times together!


The OrderCorner Team







Food Delivery: How to get the best bang for your buck!

August 26, 2008

ordercorner food delivery

In these days when food budgets are tight for many of our clients, we at OrderCorner ( work closely with many of our restaurant partners to insure that we can meet the budgetary needs of our clients, while still insuring that quality food gets delivered on time.  Here are a couple of the items that help us help you, when working with a tight budget.

Tip No 1:

The relationships that we have with our restaurant partners and the feedback we gather from our clients have enabled us to often have a sense of the size of the portions. For example ordering a tray of pasta which states that it feeds 10-12 people, might in fact feed up to 15. This will lower the price per person if you are feeding 15 people

Tip No 2:

Look out for all inclusive packages. These are often great values and also very easy to order. We work closely with many of our restaurant partners and in some cases they will put together a package just for OrderCorner clients.

We have many other “tricks and tips” which we use every day in meeting our clients needs and we will continue to share these with you through this blog. If you have any that you would like to offer up, please add a comment to this post.

Finally just want to remind you that our order receipts all have an auto calculate feature on them so you can easily see how much you are spending a person!