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Customer Testimonials

At OrderCorner, we great appreciate our customers and take tremendous pride in providing outstanding service.  Of course, we love hearing about how well we did…:-)



I know it’s unorthodox but I try to get my customers what they need and it’s nice to have someone that an accommodate our needs.  Thank you for going above and beyond to help me with my business.  That sounds like a testimonial.
“I recommend Trina for top quality catering service.”
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
–Jeremy @ Houston, Texas


Hey Angela,

Just wanted to tell you that Yapa’s did a fabulous job with breakfast yesterday, both with the amount of food and the presentation!  And lots of compliments on Meridian for lunch with the beef and chicken kabobs.  The men were particularly happy that the meat outnumbered the vegetables and I thought everything tasted exceptionally delicious.  The green beans were wonderful and the kabobs had a fantastic flavor.
Good choices, Thank YOU!
–Margo @ Houston, Texas



Thanks for lunch today. As a result my card has been moved to front for cancellations and they let me setup 2 appointments to come back when they usually only allow 1.

–Genentech @ Houston, Texas


Not one issue all week out of over 20 meals in just my area, you guys rock.

–James @ Houston, Texas


I’m so thankful for your service; I often have to book meals while I’m out or for a meeting held while I’m out and I feel so much more confident when I book through OrderCorner because I know that you and your staff will take care of any issues that may arise even in my absence.  Just wanted to say “Thank you.”

–Dawn @ Houston, Texas


I truly cannot tell you how much I appreciate OC services! My day runs so much more smoothly with your help! I also save tons of time In my expense reporting, since all of my receipts are online! Thank you, OrderCorner!

–Taylor @ Houston, Texas


The service is always there, no worries and easy.

–Leslie @ Spring, Texas


We are all in this together and you make this so easy for us. Very dependable, great billing system & a great value for the money. I refer everyone I know.  Oh, Trina is wonderful and “She deserves a raise!”

–Martin @ Houston, Texas


Love the convenience both of ordering online and direct to my sales rep or toll free line, really appreciate having one person to contact the most to help me with my picky meal eaters, love the reliability of the service in general.

–Shelley @ Houston, Texas


I like the convenience that Order Corner offers when scheduling lunches with my offices. Reps always available.

–Laura @ West Point, Pennsylvania


I was extremely impressed with the entire experience.

–Christopher @ Dallas, Texas

Thanks for your help.  I get a little stressed sometime . Still not used to how easy y’all make it for me.
–Jeff @ Tomball, Texas
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