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At Your Service

OrderCorner’s At-Your-Service is a VIP program that has been designed to support and assist busy customers like you.  All you have to do is spend $1000.00 or more with 3D character with pencil.OrderCorner per month and you will earn time tokens for administrative assistance activities. The more you order the more time tokens you receive. You can use this time to fulfill basic requests that support your business.

Program details:

Who is eligible?  Any customer participating in the VIP program who spends more than $1,000.00 per month.  Please contact your account representative regarding participation in the VIP program.

When do I receive my time tokens?  At the end of each month we will review  your account and if you have spent more than $1,000.00 then we will credit your account with time tokens.

How many time tokens do I receive?  The following schedule outlines the amount of tokens received per the amount spent per month.

Spend per month Tokens
More than $1,000.00 2
More than $1,500.00 3
More than $2,000.00 4
More than $2,500.00 6
More than $5,000.00 8

1 token is approximately 1 task or 15 minutes of time.

What activities can you perform?  We are able to perform a variety of administrative-type  activities on your behalf.  The following is a sample list of activities.  If you don’t see an activity, please contact your account representative.  Once we complete your request we will send you an email notification that the activity was completed for your records.

Sample activities:

  • Sending thank you cards and/or emails after meetings to attendees
  • Record attendee information and other data for PHRMA compliance
  • Completing expense reports
  • Ordering flowers or other items on your behalf
  • Repetitive tasks, such as meeting reminders
  • Scheduling nonfood related deliveries

On average a typical activity requires 15 minutes or one (1) token.

Terms and conditions subject to change.

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