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Our Catering Experts Know How To Save You Money

April 7, 2010

ordercorner food delivery

Ssssh don’t let the secret out! Our catering experts know to feed a crowd on a tight budget and no it’s not on sandwiches or pizza!

 For example, we have a caterer in Houston that is one of our favorite food caterer partners and we can get you a great meal delivered for only $5 to $7 per person. Every day we are finding ways to feed groups of 30 for under $200 (this includes all taxes and gratuities!) and groups of 45 for under $250. Our customers love the food as well as the price!

Call us today on 1 866 925 7637 so that we can take care of your large group catering and food delivery needs, saving you time and stretching your budget!

 Also want to view our latest and daily catering deals then keep looking here!

Our catering experts are standing by to help you with all your catering needs! Learn how OrderCorner works. Experience for yourself our amazing catering experts. Contact us for a free no obligation consultation on how to save money on catering and food delivery.

 We have something for everyone, including breakfast catering, Mexican food delivery, box lunch catering, BBQ catering, Italian food, Chinese food catering, gluten free catering and much more

OrderCorner, the catering and food delivery service that saves you time and money!

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