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Refer Delivery Restaurant and Food Caterer Service and Earn

May 6, 2009

ordercorner food delivery

Earn $25 (or even more) in May

In May we are offering a $25 Amex Gift Card for every 3 referrals who agree to participate in a short, live demo of our food delivery and catering service.  To make it even sweeter for your friends, family or colleagues, we are also offering them $5 off their first food delivery or food takeout order, if they take the demo.

So what better time to share the secret of the OrderCorner food catering service ( and all its benefits.

Earn yourself $25, or $50 for 6 referrals, or $75 for 9 referrals (that’s right there is no limit to the number of $25 Amex Gift Cards you can earn) to spend anyhow, anywhere you like, AND save your friends money.

How to participate

Simply provide us with the contact details of your referrals and we will contact them to schedule a demo.

At the end of the month, we will count up the number of your referrals who have participated in the demo and placed their first order. If the count is 3, your $25 Amex Gift Card will be on its way and if the count is 6 your $50 Amex Gift Card will be on the way.

Get the idea? Start earning now!

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