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New Seattle Catering Companies

April 15, 2009

ordercorner food delivery

OrderCorner continues to grow our restaurant delivery and food caterer network!



Have a look at these catering menus from food caterers that serve Seattle and the surrounding area, including Bellevue, Medina, Renton, Seahurst, and Southworth:


Early Bird Breakfast Cafe & Catering

Mamma’s Mexican Food Delivery & Caterers

Delicious Desserts Caterers

Smokehouse Grill & BBQ Catering

Cucina Italian Food Delivery & Catering

Fresh Box Lunch Caterers

Corporate Buffet Catering

Market Street Diner Food & Cafe


As we are new to Seattle, we are also providing you an incentive to try us!


For a limited time only we will take 10% off any food order over $150 when using any of these delivery restaurants. We can cater breakfast delivery, lunch delivery, box lunch, Mexican food, Italian food, delicious desserts, buffet catering, bbq catering and more, all at great prices.  We take the hassle out of ordering food delivery and specialize in office catering, pharmaceutical catering and doctors office lunches.

Simply go to  and place your order online or call 1-866-926-7637 and one of our catering specialists is standing by to help you.  Give us a try!



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  1. lacey #
    April 15, 2009

    I just started my own catering company and needed to get a big van. I looked around and didnt find anything that would work in price range. Well after searchnig and searching I finally found one that would be perfect. Uhaul sells out their USED UHAUL TRUCKS and I decided to purchase one not only did I convert into a small kichen in the back I can also use it to advertise. On the box i had my name and all the infor for my catering company. It has worked out wonderfully. I am so happy with the purchase it has made things a hundred times easier for us! Jus tthought I would share incase anyone might be looking for something like this. 🙂

    • ordercorner #
      April 15, 2009

      Congratulations Lacey! That’s a great idea.

      As you are new, are you interested in increasing your business? If so you might like to sign up with OrderCorner. We specialize in corporate and pharmaceutical catering and as we grow our business in Seattle you might also be able to benefit as one of our catering partners.

      If you are interested check out our information on

      Good luck with your business!

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