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Delivery Restaurants & Food Caterers Refund Possible!

April 2, 2009

ordercorner food delivery

It’s Refund Time! 

Tax refunds are not the only refunds available right now! We at OrderCorner continue to look for innovative ways to help you stretch your food budget in these hard days of declining budgets and lay offs and here is our latest, and I think greatest, promotion.

What form will the refund take?

OrderCorner will match dollar for dollar what you spend on food orders during the month of April! Yes that’s right! Dollar for dollar for every food delivery and takeout order!

Here’s how it works:

One lucky winner will earn back dollar for dollar the total amount spent on all their orders*.  No matter the size, every food order placed with us and delivered during the month of April counts and will be entered into a drawing.

50% of the total can be paid any way you want!

For example:

Amex gift cards
Restaurant gift cards

Donation to your favorite charity

The remaining 50% will be issued in the form of OrderCorner credits for you to apply against future food orders from both delivery restaurants and food caterers.

So just think, if you spend $1000 with OrderCorner in April and you’re the lucky winner, you could receive a $500 Amex Gift Card and $500 in OrderCorner credits. Wouldn’t that be great?

So start placing those orders online today at, or to save time, have us do it for you. Simply call customer service at 1 866 926 7637.

*The dollar-for-dollar refund applies to the total amount less any adjustments due to issues or refunds.  The drawing will include only one winner which will be randomly drawn.  Additional terms and conditions apply.  OrderCorner reserves the right to modify the terms of the promotion at any time.






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