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New PhRMA Compliance Tracking & Reporting Features

March 3, 2009

ordercorner food delivery

Don’t you hate all the administrative detail in today’s world? We think so, which is why OrderCorner is committed to saving you time with annoying but necessary administrative minutia, so that you can focus on more satisfying, productive tasks.

To that end, as many of you know, we, at  have been taking the hassle out of catering food for your informational presentations for more than 6 years. 

And now we are also helping you with enhanced reporting and tracking so that you can meet and prove compliance with the new PhRMA code which was introduced in January 2009. 

New Attendee Tracking Feature

Our new feature allows you to enter the names of all attendees at your presentation or luncheon. You can do this as you place your order at , or after your meeting, by simply going to the “My Account” and accessing your order history. Just click on the order number and either enter, edit or view the attendees. 

Some of the features include:

    * Either type the names or simply attach a file with your list
    * View/print the information later for future usage
    * Email a link to the information to a colleague or manager

Monthly Consolidated Reporting Now Available

We are also now offering free of charge a monthly consolidated report. Upon request, this will be automatically emailed to you every month in either excel, csv or pdf format, and will provide the following and more:

    * Total number of orders
    * Total spend
    * Average spend
    * Average price per person
    * Spend by restaurant

So if you would like to start receiving a monthly report, please call us at 1 866 926 7637 or email us now.

And don’t forget to do your friends and colleagues a favor by sharing this great new service with them by simply using the “Share” button at the top of the page.

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