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Complying With The New PhRMA Code

January 6, 2009

ordercorner food delivery

The new PhRMA code which addresses interactions with health care professionals has, as of this month, taken effect.


What does this mean for you?


It means that, for any meals that you provide for informational meetings, you will need to ask yourself the following questions:


1.      Is the meal modest?

2.      Am I having the meal delivered to  a doctors office or a hospital setting?

3.      When did I last send food to this doctor’s office?

4.      Who is going to be eating? Is it only healthcare professionals?


How Can We help you?


OrderCorner can help you easily answer all of the questions above. Every time you place a meal order with us all the details are entered and stored into a state of the art technology platform. So not only can we insure that all your food needs are met, we can also provide you with all the data you need to prove, either to yourself or to your  manager that you are compliant with the new PhRMA code.


This will save you time, hassle and make you look extremely smart, organized and professional!


So if you would like to learn more, simply give us a call on 1 866 926 7637 or go to and start using OrderCorner for all your meal orders so that your records are complete.


Remember, OrderCorner is your one stop shop: big orders, small orders, pick up, delivery, last minute or weeks in advance, one of our restaurant partners or one of yours, you select menu items or we do it for you, any cuisine type… you name it, we can find it!


In summary, we want to make your life simpler!


Happy New Year!


The OrderCorner Team

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