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Food Delivery For Training Programs

September 8, 2008

ordercorner food delivery

Do you have responsibility for managing multi day training programs? If so the service at will greatly alleviate the hassle associated with feeding your training program participants.

Many of our clients use us for the food management of training programs. When asked why they use OrderCorner they will point out the following benefits:

1) They can easily get variety. If you have a five day training program and you have the same type of food, or even the same restaurant or caterer, it can get pretty boring quickly, however good the food might be. At OrderCorner, you will have access, all in one place to multiple cuisine types, and restaurant/caterer options. Thus one lunch you might choose Pei Wei, and the next, the Black Eyed Pea or Maggiano’s, for example. It will certainly keep your training participants happy!

2) In addition to variety, one of the other things our clients tell us is a big advantage is the service reliability we offer. We have a state of the art tracking system, and as such no food order gets missed. When ordering food for a training program, you might be placing two or even three food orders a day, all with different delivery times and different menu items. Whether you place your  food order by phone ( 1866 9CORNER) or online at every order is input into our tracking system, and on the day of delivery we check with the selected restaurant or caterer that all is on schedule for an on time delivery. We then let YOU know, so you are not worried about whether the food is going to show up on time! You can even view the order as the caterer will see it by going to the “My Account” feature on the OrderCorner website and seeing the exact status.

How much easier is that then having to keep calling your caterer and not knowing whether they have the order correct!

So the next time you are faced with ordering the food for a training event, and you want to make your participants very happy, and your life a lot easier, then give us a call or go online to

This is just one more way we can be in your corner!

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